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We are living in exciting times. A time when every week brings with it new digital tools which are ever increasing our options and opportunities to connect and communicate with each other. Tools which are making every industry fundamentally rethink its role in the 21st century. The Advertising, PR and Marketing Services industries are no exceptions. Shell Isreal, ex PR man turned author, is searching for the answer. The closing line to his most recent post shows that he is getting warmer.

‘PR people need to be facilitators, not mouth pieces and certainly not gatekeepers in suits and nice dresses.’

Given I’m travelling for much of today I thought I’d use the time to share my worldview with Shel here. At worst it will momentarily save my waistline by keeping my hands on the keyboard and eyes upon the screen. At best who knows it might even start a conversation. Lets see what happens. More to follow …

UPDATE : Shel has written a follow-on post on what PR must do. Recommended reading.

UPDATE 2 : Andrew Lark joins the conversation. Recommended reading.

UPDATE 3 : Shel continues the conversation. Recommended reading. 

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