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I double posted to a WP blog regular WP test site and here all of last week to be able to compare. First impressions of are very favourable. So many organisations are crying out for the MU functionality. The new features are so intuitive. My favorites so far are the predictive categories, the preview functionality and the referers function. Simple but extremely useful. So when I commented to you Lorelle that was making me very lazy I was not joking! It really does take weblogs to the next level. Thanks to Donncha for sorting things out for me as they arose. I never thought for a moment one week ago that it would prove to be a dilemma of where to keep posting. Based solely on the last week and where is going its got to be here.



  1. It’s amazing how it pushes you to think “content” and not tweak, isn’t it. So many think that it’s all about the tweak, the customization. I say it’s about the content.

    It is a different way of thinking and an interesting look into the future of blogging.

  2. Well put Lorelle. My invite is intentionally going to someone who has never used a computer before but loves to write. They return from holidays this weekend so it will be interesting to see how natural they find One thing is certain. They recognise a gift when they see it. And blogging is truly a gift to humanity.

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