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For the last 50 years PR has played poor second cousin to advertising. Todate the stereotypical role of PR has been akin to that of a dog – befriend, defend, attack. By contrast advertisings stereotypical role has been more akin to a cat – independent, creative, exotic. Both professions are currently being transformed at a rate of knots. Just finished listening to podcast #3 of Across the Sound. The theme for this week was transparency. Good to hear Steve Rubel from the world of PR talking with Joseph Jaffe from the world of advertising. Its a refreshing open format and recommended listening.

UPDATE : All hat and no cattle for this one. What started with so much promise has failed to live up to my expectations. After sticking with it through 8 shows I’ve unsubscribed. This podcast is a classic example of how not to do it. Joe trys way too hard and Steves limited worldview makes this one to avoid.


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