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Many organisations who are considering introducing weblogs are following with interest developments at Microsoft. First there was last weeks Forbes interview titled Microsoft’s Midlife Crisis. Then this weeks Business Week cover story “I’m Outta Here”. Followed by a Steve Ballmer online interview response. All of which has being followed and discussed in real time on weblogs both within and without Microsoft. What is surprising many is that the harshest public critic of all comes from within Microsoft. Business Week ran an online extra titled ‘A Rendezvous with Microsoft’s Deep Throat’ drawing general attention to the anonymous blogger writing under the weblog name Mini-Microsoft. There is nothing new about dissent and politics within large organisations. It has been so since the days of Ancient Greece. However having this conversation played out in real time in such a public manner is new and will alarm many senior members of established organisations. We are going to see alot more such stories emerging in the years to come. In our connected world of the 21st century organisations are groups of passionate people who come together in pursuit of a common purpose. Wise leaders will treat this as a wakeup call to join in the conversation with their followers. The days of “talking to or at them” are numbered.

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